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Top Bioinformatics Journals around, find which one would help you grow your knowledge at its best and where you can submit your paper as a whole.

What is the Journal?

Journal is a diary that contains daily events and ideas or a publication about specific fields or industries. A journal records your thoughts, experiences as well as observations in writing. You can write in your newspaper every day or only if you feel the urge.

Why you need a Journal?

Journal is the source of a written idea it becomes very useful for researchers and publishers to take out references and improve their writing skills in advance.

Keeping record

How fast we forget is amazing. For example, just one week ago try to remember your day in detail. You can remember what you were wearing? What were you doing for lunch? How did you feel and think?

Try an experiment, attempt an experiment. Write all that happened to you today down in detail. I bet that you can start a dozen or more pages. But you might have trouble filling in more than a few pages if you try to write about yesterday. And you probably will have even less if you go the day before yesterday. We lose our own lives, parts of ourselves, constantly. A notebook is a way to maintain it.

Enhance your writing skills

The more you publish, the better you become, generally speaking. Regular writing makes it easier to write and helps you to develop your own voice. Although it doesn’t matter, how good it is, your diary builds muscles you may use with other types of writing.

It doesn’t matter how good it is. The journal will also be a place to gather thoughts and material for creative writing because it is basically just the eyes. It’s also a laboratory to experiment with new styles, strategies, and topics, and to expand your knowledge as an author. Top Bioinformatics Journals.

Clear the senses

It can make you a better analyst to write about your experience. We pay different attention to it if we know that we are going to write about something.

You become used to holding a newspaper to the specifics of your everyday life. As you watch the world with greater wealth and complexity, the result is like a raising of the senses.

Bioinformatics Journals with the highest impact factor: 5-year Impact Factor

WIREs Computational Molecular Science

  • The WIREs journal concentrates on the interfaces of the mainstream disciplines in influential areas of inquiry.
  • The content of each WIRE’s title is selected, invited and reviewed by a well-known editorial board to ensure that the highest standards are maintained in science and presentation.
  • Coverage is designed to provide an encyclopedic field coverage.
  • New and updated reviews are added monthly to ensure that the latest information is available in the field.
  • Checks are structured and formatted consistently, which maximize the user’s accessibility and usefulness of content.

Impact factor: 8.127


Bioinformatics, the leading journal in the field, publishes scientific papers of top quality and examines articles that are of interest to researchers of academia and industry. Its focus is on new genome bioinformatics and computational biology developments.

Two different sections in the journal — Discovery notes and applied notes — are based on shorter articles. The former presented biologically interesting findings using calculative methods.

Impact factor: 4.531

Briefings in Bioinformatics

Briefings in Bioinformatics is a worldwide forum for life sciences researchers and educators. Mathematicians, statisticians and computer scientists who use their work to solve biological problems will also have an interest in the journal.

The journal publishes review articles for users of contemporary genetics, molecular and system biology databases and analytical tools, and is unique in offering practical support and guidance to a non-computer scientist.

Documentation varies from the introductive level to detailed procedure information and analysis covering bacterial, plant, fungal, animal and human data.

Apart from the genetic studies of phenotypes and genotypes, mapping, DNA sequencing, expression profiling, research on gene expression, microarray, alignment methods, protein and HMM, lipids and metabolic and signaling processes, structure determination and prediction, phylogenetic studies and training and preparation, comprehensive topics are studied.

Impact factor: 9.101

PLOS Computational Biology

PLOS Computational Biology publishes work of importance that advances the understanding of living systems at all levels–from molecules and cells to patient populations and ecosystems –through the use of computational methods. The journal provides a forum for significant computational biological research.

Impact factor: 4.428

Statistical Methods in Medical Research

Statistical Methods in Medical Research is a highly-ranking, peer-reviewed scientific journal and is the leading outlet for research in every major field of medical statistics. It provides a vital tool for scientific and mathematical databases, as well as pharmaceutical companies, and is particularly useful to medical researchers who process data.

Impact factor: 2.388

BMC Bioinformatics

BMC Bioinformatics is open access, peer-reviewed journal which considers articles on every aspect of computational and statistical modeling, analysis and development and testing, as well as other fields for the analysis and modeling of all types of biological data.

Impact Factor: 2.911

Database: The Journal of Biological Databases and Curation

For large open access repositories, huge volumes of primary databases are actually stored, and large datasets are more common than they do now with new generation technology for laboratories.

It is a challenge that all these data be archived on a robust, reliable revision and effective review and correct interpretation. Collectively, the creation of databases and biocuration are at the forefront of this growing volume of data.

Database: The Biological Databases and Curation Journal is a platform open to present new ideas in biological data research and aims to help build the bridge between database developers, curators, and users. The journal is also intended to provide a forum to discuss new breakthroughs in the field of biocuration and to encourage the use of bio-database information to help organize and develop original research projects.

Impact Factor: 3.683

These are the best Journals as of January 2020 and we might have missed some of the Journal with better impact factor but these are the most acknowledged journals.

Top Bioinformatics Journals – Comment down your thoughts!

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