Top 9 Biotech Professions That Are Trending Now

    Top 9 Biotech Professions That Are Trending Now

    It is also important to think about your future when you choose a course. So we’ve compiled the top 10 BioTech Professional jobs in this article that will remain in demand over the next decade.

    You can also check the career options below and try to find out which field you want to work-in in the future if you plan to obtain a degree from B.Tech or BSc in BioTech.

    According to a report prepared by the government of India, the biotech sector in India is growing at an annual composite growth rate (CAGR) of 20 percent, and a target of USD 100 billion was set by 2025.

    Top 9 Biotech Professions That Are Trending Now

    Currently, the most demanded jobs include microbiologists, QA/AC analysts, food safety analysis professionals, and laboratory technicians. The next three fastest-growing segments of employment are biopharmaceutical occupations, including biochemical engineering.

    The following is a list of 9 opportunities for research careers that are expected to be in demand until 2025.

    Genetic Advisors

    • Current employment stats: 120+ monthly vacancies
    • Expected Jobs No. Growth until 2025: 60%
    • Average pay: Rs 15,500/-pm – Rs 40,200/-pm

    What can I expect from the job:

    Genetic counselors are professionals who assess various gene strands or DNA to determine a person’s risk of developing a disease or disorder. You can expect to be more exposed to hospital conditions, laboratories, or clinics when you work as a genetic advisor.

    Each genetic counselor is trained to analyze and translate genetic data into detailed information for families to understand. The following are some of a genetic counselor’s basic tasks.

    Genetic testing and counseling for patients and counseling for healthcare professionals and providers Provide information about families needing information about a certain gene disorder risk.

    Admission:, The following posts are available for life science, biotechnology, biochemistry, microbiology, biochemistry, chemistry, B. Pharma.

    Recruiters: AIIMS is the Genetic Counselor’s leading recruiter You can also explore excellent employment opportunities in start-up companies in medical and health care, together with the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.


    • Current employment stats: 200+ monthly vacancy
    • Expected Jobs No. growth until 2025: 64 percent
    • Average salary: 25,000/month – 1,00,000/month.

    What can I expect from the job:

    With the growing disparity between living beings and mother nature, a zoologist can monitor the wildlife. If you love wildlife and all of it, that could be your job.

    As a zoologist, you will study how various animals in the wild connect with everyone in the ecosystem. The job is important because it helps ordinary people to understand how other species work, which is why we usually find information in research papers and science books.

    Most zoologists work in local, federal, or state administrations. You can mainly work in the field to collect data or stay in the laboratory for experimenting with data already collected by your colleagues, depending on your task. The following are the fundamental tasks of a zoologist.

    • Collect wildlife data samples such as parasites or insects to see if certain species suffer from a certain disease.
    • Use the Geographical Information System (GIS) to track wild animals
    • Conduct research to find a treatment for a certain disease or link a specific disease in an animal to a human condition.

    Eligibility: For these Vacancies, the Zoology, Zoology & Ph.D. Zoology may apply. Candidates with a wildlife degree also qualify.

    Recruiters: Wildlife Institute of India is the leading recruiter in this field, with more than 60 vacancies posted every month. ICFRE, Punjab University of Agriculture also employs zoologists to work on designated projects as research fellows.


    • Current employment stats: more than 150 vacancies per month
    • Expected Jobs No. Growth Until 2025: 70%
    • Average salary: 22,350 p.m. –salary 80,034 p.m.

    What can I expect from the job:

    Public health professionals are epidemiologists, who are responsible for studying different patterns of human illnesses and injuries. At its heart, detective jobs are needed to determine the sources of diseases especially during outbreaks, and find a solution to prevent them from spreading.

    Epidemiologists were previously more exposed to the fields, but now most people are working and conducting experiments in their laboratories. These are the fundamental tasks of an epidemiologist.

    Monitor public health programs, including public health planning strategies.

    Investigate diseases or parasites that cause the epidemic, determine their transmission and provide a solution.

    Eligibility: Applicants can apply for with a degree in Epidemiology. / Ph.D. Candidates from biostatistics are also considered. A master’s degree in epidemiology is eligible for Life Science & Medical Graduates. In combination with Biostatistics, most colleges offer epidemiology.

    Recruiters: National Health Mission is the leading epidemiologist recruiter, followed by the National Epidemiological Institute UNICEF & THSTI.

    Biochemists and Biophysicists

    • Current employment stats: 320+ monthly vacancies
    • Expected Jobs No. Growth until 2025: 85%
    • Average wages: 28,000/month – 90,000/month.

    What can I expect from the job:

    Biochemists and biophysicists study different molecules to determine their effects on medicinal products and food in their daily working lives. Their studies are always aimed at improving the quality of life with new findings and molecular vision.

    The federal government and private laboratories are able to provide biochemists and biophysicists with their work. Some examples of their basic duties are given below.

    • Conduct research and report on a topic such as enzymes or DNA
    • Manage laboratory teams and conduct research on the various effects of a specific molecule on drug or food development.
    • Use electron microscopes and lasers for testing and experimentation.

    Eligibility: Applicants with a Biophysics, Biochemistry, and Chemistry degree may apply. Ph.D. & postdoctoral vacancy is also prevalent in this area.

    Recruiters: Thermo Fisher is the leading employer in this field. IIT’s, IISC, and NIT are also regular float vacancies.

    Laboratory Technicians

    • Current employment stats: 490+ vacancies per month.
    • Expected Jobs No. growth until 2025: 68 percent.
    • Average salary: 15,000/month – 50,000/monthly.

    What can I expect from the job:

    Medical laboratory technicians shall test and analyze different body fluids and tissues to establish their tolerance at the level of a particular substance and toxicity. Some medical lab technicians also assist doctors in conducting trials or working with hospital doctors. The following are some of a medical laboratory technician’s basic duties.

    • Conduct standard controls to conserve samples and keep various laboratory equipment functional.
    • Operate various laboratory equipment to answer questions, such as the use of gamma counters and spectrophotometers in order to achieve a patient diagnosis.
    • Ensure consistent blood supply through the maintenance of the Blood Bank database.

    Eligibility: Applicants with a bachelor’s or Masters in Microbiology, life sciences, human sciences easily get roles as a lab technicians.

    Recruiters: All private and government labs need lab technicians.

    Biochemical Engineers

    • Current employment stats: 269+ monthly vacancies
    • Expected Jobs No. Growth by 2025: 70%
    • Average salary: 27,234/month – 100,000/month

    What can you expect from the job:

    Biochemical engineers blend the principles of engineering with biological science in order to develop innovative equipment, robots, and even software. After publicly accepted to be safe for use, this device is then used by biologists and chemists in laboratories. Some examples of basic tasks of biochemical engineers are provided below.

    • Develop tangible products from their biological and engineering knowledge that can help accelerate laboratory work and develop new scientific developments.
    • Solve issues related to different systems and materials to interpret their interaction and relationship with human beings
    • Keep a database of a chemical, physicist, and scientific experiments

    Eligibility: Biochemical or chemical engineering graduates can apply for all entry-level positions. Many universities offer in Biotech and Biochemical Engineering.

    Recruiter: Biocon, Syngene, Serum Institute of India, Bharat biotech are some of the most prominent companies to land as a Biochemical Engineer with good pay.

    Food Safety Analysts

    • Current employment stats: 319+ vacancies per month
    • Expected Jobs No. Growth until 2025: 77%
    • Average salary: 27,234/month – 90,000/month

    What to expect from this task:

    Again, the never-declining job segment that will be present for years, has, in fact, been increasing year after year, as per the recent FSSAI survey. The role of an analyst for food safety is to conduct standardized qualitative and quantitative tests to determine the chemical and physical properties of food and drink products.

    It is worldwide mandatory for all food manufacturing companies to have a food analyst monitor the quality of foodstuffs and beverages. Each country has a governing body to regulate the quality of food supplied to the masses, such as FSSAI in India and FSIS in the USA.

    Eligibility: The candidate should hold a Masters in Chemistry or Biochemistry or Microbiology or Dairy Chemistry, Food and Nutrition Technology or a Bachelor of Technology in Dairy/Oil for the purposes of the post of Food Analyst or a degree in Veterinary Science.

    Recruiter: Most applicants in India apply for Food Analyst post via FSSAI Exam. ITC, Hindustan Unilever, Britannia is the leading recruiters in this field.

    Quality Control & Quality Analyst

    • Current employment statistics: 438+ vacancies per month
    • Expected Jobs No. growth until 2025: 72 percent
    • Average salary: 28,000/month – 60,000/month.

    What can you expect from the job:

    If you want to go from academia to the R&D industry, this post is a good start for you. Quality Control & Quality Assurance (QC, QA) includes management & procedures for preserving and improving product or service quality. It includes a multilayered system of protocols, tests, audits, and corrective measures used to guarantee that top-quality data will be collected during any drug investigation or related scientific procedures from fieldwork and laboratory analysis. The main goal is to meet established standards. The following are examples of a QA/QC analyst’s basic duties:

    • Maintenance of products and services quality organizations.
    • Specifications preparation, sampling, testing, and documentation of all incoming starting materials, active pharmaceutical ingredients, and pharmaceutical solutions.
    • Implementation, qualification, and validation of analytical methods (ICH) used to characterize and control mobile banks, raw materials, and active ingredients in pharmaceuticals and medical solutions.
    • Performance of all mobile banks, raw materials, active pharmaceutical ingredients (API), and medicinal products quality control test (DP).

    Eligibility: Any graduate or postgraduate in life science can apply for that position.

    Recruiters: Dr. Reddy’s, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Panacea Biotec, Zydus Cadila, Coca-Cola, Bisleri, Hindustan Unilever and many more are the major recruiters for this field.


    • Current job stats: 529+ monthly vacancies
    • Expected Jobs No Growth Until 2025: 90%
    • Average salary: 25,000 per month – ₹ 1,00,000 per month

    What can you expect from the job:

    It’s the most trendy job, be it in India or abroad, and will never be unmovable. The title says everything. Microbiologists study all small things that human eyes do not see such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and algae. By studying their structure and relationship with other microorganisms, they examine how these things develop. Other jobs also relate to microbiologists, such as bacteriologists, chemists, and clinical laboratory scientists. The following are a microbiologist’s fundamental duties.

    • Isolate samples and data for future research requirements
    • Provide laboratory services to health departments and other doctors who need diagnostic and treatment information

    Eligibility: Either a Microbiology, Microbiology, or Ph.D. is available for each level of graduation. In their Masters, graduates can specialize in microbiology. Some institutes even consider Biotech & Life science graduates.

    Recruiters: Leading Research Institutes of India, CSIR laboratories, ICMR labs, IISC & IIT & Biotech giants abroad are hiring lakhs of microbiologists.

    In the life sciences research sector, there are many other new areas – CRISPR, Next-Gen Sequencing, Bioprinting, Genomics, etc., that are showing promising future prospects for a career.

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