BSc Biotechnology: Top 5 Colleges In India | Eligibility, Admission & Fees

BSc Biotechnology: Top 5 Colleges In India | Eligibility, Admission & Fees

If you have completed your classes 11 and 12 in science and intend to take up biotechnology, do not look further as here is the list of some of India’s top BSc colleges for biotechnology, the admission process, the eligibility requirements, and the course fees from university to university. Biotechnology research is biology-based science.

The use of biotechnology is imperative in today’s real world, as Biotech allows the world to recover by using the natural box by eliminating infectious diseases, altering the likelihood that millions of individuals are afflicted by serious living conditions around the world, developing effective disease identification methods and so on.

New innovations of biotechnology deliver innovative drugs and inventions for fighting pathogens, for using fewer and smarter energy sources, and for developing a healthier world. Students will also graduate with a BTech and BSc degree in biotechnology. Although the technical component of a BTech degree is based, a BSc degree concentrates on the biological side with a lot of research and development in areas such as biochemistry, plant biotechnology, animal biotechnology, and microbiology.

BSc Eligibility Requirements for Biotechnology

A student must follow the eligibility requirements before registering for a course. Universities and colleges retain requirements that students must follow to be considered for the course. The BSc Biotechnology eligibility requirements are as follows:

The student must have a composite minimum score of 50 percent at higher and senior high school levels (45 percent for SC/ST candidates).

The student should have learned Physics, Biology, and Chemistry as key subjects at a standard of 10+2, with a cumulative minimum score of 60 percent in all three.

Top BSc Biotechnology Colleges in India

Christ University

christ university 1170x560 1 - BSc Biotechnology: Top 5 Colleges In India | Eligibility, Admission & Fees

Christ University is one of the most prestigious institutions in the country and renowned for its diversity and offering a number of courses for students. One of the most impressive features of Christ University, which gives students various subjects to learn from their undergraduate courses. Christ University provides BSc students with subjects such as Chemistry, Botany, and Zoology in biotechnology.

The Life Sciences Department at the university provides multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary education and research. The department focuses on added benefit programs such as current affairs, comprehensive education, credential courses, and placement preparation programs.

Admission process: applicants meeting the qualifying requirements must apply electronically and enter the Christ University Entrance Exam (CUET). For an interview round, applicants who secure the necessary ranks would be required.

CourseDurationFees (In Rs)
BSc in Biotechnology, Chemistry, Botany3-YearsStudent from Karnataka – 70,000 (Per YearStudent from Other states – 90,000 (Per Year)
BSc in Biotechnology, Chemistry, Zoology

College Official Website: Link

The Oxford College of Science

the oxford college of science bangalore - BSc Biotechnology: Top 5 Colleges In India | Eligibility, Admission & Fees

The Oxford College of Science, affiliated with the University of Bangalore, gives students admission to different degrees in the field of science. Oxford College of Science also provides multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary classes in the BSP. The programs available at the university are a three-year series.

Admission process: Applicants must follow the requirements and apply electronically. Students must undergo an admission test, followed by an interview. Students who apply for the two rounds are expected to be accepted to college.

BSc in Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Genetics3-Years40,000 (Per Year)
BSc in Biotechnology, Chemistry, Zoology
BSc in Biotechnology, Chemistry, Genetics

College Official Website: Link

University of Chandigarh

Chandigarh University Chandigarh3 - BSc Biotechnology: Top 5 Colleges In India | Eligibility, Admission & Fees

One of the nation’s biggest colleges. The University of Chandigarh (CU) is one that you absolutely can’t forget. The prestige of Chandigarh University speaks for itself, from courses from different streams to scholarships to its placement cells. CU’s Biotechnology Department offers a highly competitive bachelor program that integrates a wide range of biology, chemistry, and computer sciences.

Admission Process: Students must apply electronically and undergo the Chandigarh University Entrance Examination (CUET). Students who qualify will be approached by the University for an interview. Students that qualify will be called to complete the admission process.

CourseDurationFees (In Rs)
BSc Biotechnology3-Years40,000 (Per Semester)

College Official Website: Link

Jamia Millia Islamia University

JAMIA MILLIA 365x240 1 - BSc Biotechnology: Top 5 Colleges In India | Eligibility, Admission & Fees

Do not confuse Jamia Millia Islamia – JMI for offering only mass media classes, the university offers a wide range of courses ranging from science to commerce to humanities, to foreign language teaching. Jamia Millia Islamia has its own Biotechnology Department and is a respected professor with a long history of biotechnology.

Admission process: admission to Jamia Millia Islamia ensures that applicants must be submitted online and respond to a test of acceptance, followed by an interview. The admission process is completed by students who qualify for the two rounds on the basis of scores earned during the two rounds.

CourseDurationFees (In Rs)
BSc Biotechnology3-Years8,000 (Per Year)

College Official Website: Link

St. Xavier’s College, Ahmedabad Autonomous

st xavier 1200 - BSc Biotechnology: Top 5 Colleges In India | Eligibility, Admission & Fees

St. Xavier’s College, Ahmedabad, another esteemed college, gives students admission to its diverse courses in sciences, science, and commerce. The School of Biochemistry and Biotechnology offers BSc Biochemistry, BSc Biotechnology, and a BSc Biochemistry with an advanced biotechnology admission program. The course involves minor study with the goal of improving students’ abilities to plan tests, interpret data, and appreciate the importance of creative research.

Admission Process: Students must register for the desired course online. Students are expected to apply their papers to the college when they are granted entry on the basis of merit. A merit list appears and chosen applicants must pay their seat booking fees.

CourseDurationFees (In Rs)
BSc Biotechnology3-Years30,155 (Per Semester)

College Official Website Link: Link

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