Biotechnology Careers Opportunities & Scope For Students

    Biotechnology Careers Opportunities & Scope For Students

    Biotechnology is an interdisciplinary research branch, popular among young people because it offers enough opportunities to explore science’s new and modern frontiers. It does not affect a particular industry or jobs. Biotechnology applies widely in that it extends to different industrial sectors such as food, textiles, pharmaceuticals, livestock, animal husbandry etc.

    Biotechnology Careers Opportunities & Scope For Students

    Biotechnology covers numerous topics, aside from the interdisciplinary aspect of biology. Biotechnology, including scientific and engineering projects, produces many new sectors of degrading work.

    Scope & Career in Biotechnology?

    Biotechnology is an incredible career choice, as we live in exciting times where regular discoveries, groundbreaking products and new technologies are on the market.

    There are different organisations that serve as great resources for those who just enter the biotechnological field. In the continuous search for new, safe food sources, biotechnologists are in the lead. They can work in different work contexts such as manufacturing, environmental, medical, food, health, and pharmaceutical industries.

    In the continuous pursuit of new, safe food sources, biotechnologists are at the front lines. They will work with a variety of different working environments such as the businesses, the climate, the medical, food, health and pharmaceutical industries. In this area, professionals may specialise in one or more subfields such as genomics, proteomics and bioinformatics.

    Both private and government organisations with expertise in various sub-disciplines may find employment for biotechnologists.

    The field—and its careers—span other functional areas that are just as integral in getting a meaningful biotechnology product to market. These areas include:

    • Research and development
    • Quality assurance/regulatory affairs
    • Manufacturing
    • Clinical research
    • Government (policymaking)
    • Software engineering
    • Food, animal, and environmental science
    • Sales and technical support
    • Business management
    • Project management

    Under the following positions, biotechnologists may work for different organisations/industries:

    Some of the well-known titles for Biotechnologist:

    • Biomedical Engineer
    • Medical scientists
    • Biochemist
    • Biological technicians
    • Process Development Scientist
    • Medical and Clinical Lab Technologists & Technicians
    • Biochemists and Biophysicists
    • Director of Product Strategy/Commercialization
    • Biomedical Engineers
    • Microbiologists
    • Epidemiologists
    • R&D Scientists
    • Biomanufacturing Specialists
    • Bioproduction Operators

    Top colleges in India offering Biotechnology:

    • BIT Mesra
    • Anna University
    • Thapar University
    • All the Indian Institute of Technologies
    • Delhi Technological University (DTU)
    • National Institute of Technology (NITC)
    • Warangal Netaji Subhas Institute of Technology
    • Vellore Institute Of Technology,
    • Tamil Nadu Birla Institute of Technology

    Biotechnology Careers Opportunities & Scope For Students

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