Why Should You Learn About Genetics?

    Why Should You Learn About Genetics?

    Why is genetics important to me?

    Genetics helps to clarify a variety of factors, how you are special, why you look like other families and why those illnesses happen in your family.

    If you are interested in genetics, you can consider your own health and make healthier decisions. Genes not functioning properly can cause problems.

    Why Should You Learn About Genetics?

    When a single gene stops functioning normally, a group of rare diseases is triggered. Multiple genes that do not function correctly and the mixing of these genes with the environment, like the lifestyle and behaviours, make even more common diseases happen.

    You can learn a lot about the history of your family health. You may note that in your family a certain disease predominates and genes may be the cause of this trend.

    You can learn about your family’s health risks, including hypertension or obesity with this information. They will help you make decisions that will keep you and your family safe if you share this knowledge with your health care providers. The more you know, the simpler the right choices are to be made.

    Why the Genes are so Important?

    Geneticists who used all the advances in technology from various fields achieved the nucleotide sequence of the many genomes. But the four-letter DNA language remains a mystery for scientists worldwide.

    Around 25,000 genes are identified in the entire genome by the human genome project and the enigma of how a relatively small number of genes can create such a complex organism.

    Moreover, the definition of a gene, fundamental to genetics, changes from the factors of Gregor Mendel, that encodes a single trait in a gene encoding 38,016 isoforms, Down’s Syndrome Cell Adhesion Molecule (DSCAM). Until now, we have missed an exact gene description for all scientific advances.

    Therefore, we need a new breed of a geneticist who can think and imagine beyond the existing boundaries. The best source of this pool is undergraduate students enrolled in genetics across the world.

    In conclusion, genetics at the undergraduate level is important as well as the necessity for human’s bright future in the coming generations.

    List of Terms you should know about Genetics:

    Importance Of Genetics

    The study of human DNA and genetically modified products can be intellectually fascinating. Thorough knowledge of the human genome will have major health, social and legal implications from the use of DNA in courts to the development of new treatments for genetic diseases.

    • Diseases and Treatments
    • Human History
    • Forensics and Legal Implications
    • Genetic Enhancement

    Why Should You Learn About Genetics?

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