MEPHAS: Interactive GUI for statistical analysis

MEPHAS: Interactive GUI for statistical analysis with R and Shiny for medical and pharmaceutical statistical analysis.

Background study

Even though it is one of the most common statistical computer environments, there is no GUI for the conduction of standard data analytics, which appeals to students, researchers, lecturers and pharmacists. Currently, built-in R-UIs, such as EZR and R-Commander, are designed to facilitate coding and viewing of R, although a command-line interface (CLI) still enables most of the functionality.

We have developed a GUI that is interactive, i.e. MEPHAS for supporting various web-based systems accessible from laptops, working stations, or tablet devices, using Windows or macOS (and IOS) or Linux to help medical practitioners, pharmacists and researchers to conduct most of the basic statistical analyzes.

Advanced statistics like extended Cox regression and measurement tests including the partial least square (PLS-R) regression (SPLS-R) and sparse partial least square (SPLS-R) regression are also available in MEPHAS in addition to essential statistical analysis.


  • MEPHAS is a GUI based on a shiny framework (https:/
  • The appropriate MEPHAS in the R packet (https:/ has also been created.
  • MEPHAS has so far been responsible for four statistical categories including probability, hypothesis testing, models of regression and dimension testing.
  • The web-based GUI, especially advanced dimension data analysis, requires a large deal of explanation, made instructions and aid menus accessible during the whole analysis.
  • For non-technical users, the GUI was designed to perform various statistical functions, such as data management, customization of plots, parameters and real-time monitoring without any user R code.


Medical and pharmaceutical professionals and researchers have a free open source web-interactive GUI to support statistical data analysis and prevention of these data using MEPHAS. The interactive parameter setting and dynastic viewing of the results enable different medical and pharmaceutical statistical analyses.

Reference: MEPHAS: an interactive graphical user interface for medical and pharmaceutical statistical analysis with R and Shiny

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