List of Career Options Available In Bioinformatics

    List of Career Options Available In Bioinformatics

    “The fields of bioinformatics or computational biology combine computer science, mathematics, engineering and statistics to understand and interpret biological knowledge.” It applies computer technology to biological data processing.

    In several fields of biology, bioinformatics has become an integral aspect. In biomedical research, it plays a significant role.

    We may say that in a clear way:

    Bioinformatics is the study of molecular biology using information technology.”

    Bioinformatics requires numerical knowledge in scientific interpretation. It includes analysing different factors that influence the movement of our biological systems. Different types of technology are used in this data analysis. Computers and automated tools are widely used for observing and preserving these databases for further testing.

    In biomedical science, bioinformatics plays a very important role.

    In the genomic age, the value of bioinformatics is limitless. It is applicable to agriculture, ecology, health, energy and biotechnology. It has many applications. In 1970, Paulien Hogeweg and Ben Hesper coined the word “bioinformatics.”

    Bioinformatics Scope & Future

    Studying in the field of bioinformatics now takes a few days. This is a very important topic for those interested in knowing the connection between medical science and human organs. After graduating, you can easily make a career in this area.

    The scope of bioinformatics in the future and present is growing as the need for medical research is increasingly rising. It is one of the highest paying industries abroad. It is also a very rising sector in India so that you can also make your career here in India. In this sector, there are many job opportunities.

    You can be designated with the below titles:

    • Bioinformatician
    • Software developer of Bioinformatics.
    • Bioinformatics Research Scientist.
    • Network Administrator / Analyst
    • Computational Biologist
    • Database Programmer
    • Science Technician
    • Content Editor
    • Pharmacogenomics
    • Professor Science
    • Technician
    • Research Assistant
    • Bioinformatics Scientist
    • Bioinformatics Analyst
    • Junior Research Fellow
    • Research Associate
    • Bioinformatics Software Developer
    • Proteomics
    • Professor
    • Bioinformatics Analyst.
    • Bioinformatics Engineer.
    • Computational Biologist.
    • Programmer for Database.
    • Pharmacogenomics.
    • Individual Contributor.

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