Exploring careers in Bioinformatics

    Exploring careers in Bioinformatics

    What is bioinformatics?

    Bioinformatics is used in the storage, processing and analysis of the huge biological data produced from genome studies through computer technology. Computers can then be used to generate data for the discovery and development of gene-based drugs. Bioinformatics should be developed to support mammoth information from the human genome project as a holistic science. This project aims to create a base sequence of around 3 billion base pairs of the human genome.

    Despite an awful task, a basic roadmap has been drawn up for all humans’ chromosomes. The second stage of the project promises to take a lot of time to understand the human genome. The resulting information should help to understand genetic diseases and to identify new molecular targets for drug discovery. Bioinformatics is the combination of computer sciences and biological discipline that facilitates the seemingly impossible task. Exploring careers in Bioinformatics

    Exploring careers in Bioinformatics

    Many universities, public authorities and pharmaceutical companies have formed groups of bioinformatics, which comprise computer biologists and bioinformaticians, to meet the demands of qualified bioinformatics professionals. Such groups should help optimize the mass of data produced by large-scale sequencing efforts in laboratories around the world.

    How can I become an expert in bioinformatics?

    In order to understand the biological significance of a variety of knowledge, classical subjects in mathematics, computer science and biology are vital. Therefore, it is important to understand these subjects in order to get into this field.

    Eligibility: B.Sc/M.Sc (Microbiology/Biochem/biotechnology/Agriculture/Horticulture/Seri/Food Technology/Organic Chemistry/botany/zoology/statistics/bio science & other divisions of life sciences, BE/B.Tech/B.VSc/M.VSc/B.Pharma, MBBS/BDS.

    Which skills do I need to make the transition as a Bioinformatician?

    1. The molecular biology packages running the mill (GCG, BLAST etc ..) are required.
    2. You must learn the web and programming skills of various operating systems including HTML, PERL, JAVA, and C++, particularly UNIX.
    3. You will need relationship database expertise, thus it is very useful to know SQL and a major database application like Sybase or Oracle.
    4. You have to know everything you could about structural biology and modelling, mathematical optimization, computer graphics theory and linear algebra if you want to be part of the team involved in developing relationships between structures and sequences.

    Companies which are into Bioinformatics

    • GVK BioSciences Pvt. Ltd Hyderabad
    • Strand Genomics Bangalore
    • AstraZeneca Bangalore
    • Dr Reddy’s Laboratories Hyderabad
    • Ingenovis (a division of I labs) Hyderabad
    • Jubilant Biosys (subsidiary from
    • Jubilant Organosys) Noida, UP
    • Landsky Solutions Secunderabad
    • Molecular Connections Bangalore
    • Ocimum Biosolutions Hyderabad
    • PrayogNET Computing Chennai
    • Questar Bioinformatics Hyderabad
    • Satyam Computers Hyderabad
    • Spectramind Services New Delhi
    • Total Consultancy Services Hyderabad

    National biotech Institutes

    Almost every university in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh offers a Bioinformatics degree. The University of Hyderabad, University of Osmania, IICT and IIIT are the most famous of them.
    Many private institutions started to shut down during the hype. The University of Pune, Madurai Kamaraj, Bose Institute and the university of Jawaharlal Nehru have very good universities. The IIT’s also have an outstanding biotechnology laboratory in Kharagpur and Delhi.

    There are many IT companies like TCS and Infosys, but most do not have very large teams. Hundreds of bioinformatics professionals are employed by many large companies and research institutions.

    List of Institutions in India:

    • Institute of Bioinformatics and Applied Biotechnology (IBAB) in Bangalore
    • Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, New Delhi provides courses in Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology. 
    • IIT Kharagpur also provides various courses in this area. You need to qualify IIT-JEE Entrance exam for admission into IITs.
    • There is an Advanced (Graduate) Diploma in Bioinformatics offered by the Bioinformatics Centre at the Jawaharlal Nehru University.
    • Madurai Kamaraj University in Madurai, claims to have been the first in the country to initiate a bioinformatics programme and advanced diploma in bioinformatics at its School of Biotechnology.
    • The University of Pune, Maharashtra offers an Advanced Diploma in Bioinformatics at the Bioinformatics Centre.
    • Bioinformatics Institute of India, C56 A-28, Sector 62 Noida ( U.P ) 201 301 INDIA Ph No. 0120-5320801/02, 9312355740(M) Web: – offers a correspondence course on one-year Industry Program in Bioinformatics, Biomedical Informatics, Clinical Trial and Clinical Research, Pharma Regulatory Affairs, Biotechnology. Institute is also offering various online Program through 

    Exploring careers in Bioinformatics

    Benefits & Risks of Bioinformatics

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