Bioinformatics Resources: List of Information Required By Students In India

    Bioinformatics Resources: In this article today we will list out all the resources we have build over time for students based out in India.

    In India, biology prospecting, conservation and managing bioresources, product and process assessment and raw materials, managing complex data needed for the planning and monitoring of major national programmes as well as meeting increasing contracting and commercial outsourcing needs in both the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors are being used effectively.

    The formulation of appropriate computational biology problems that can be solved through IT tools is one of the major challenges in the optimal exploration of bioinformatics in solving life sciences issues.

    This calls for the biologists and a simple understanding from computers and other knowledge scientists of biological sciences to adequately appreciate the complexity and power of bioinformatics. The solution is to provide adequate leaders with experience in life studies and IT and a strong network of institutional experts from both fields.

    As genome sequencing projects resulted in the exponential growth of sequence databases, the need for biomass resources and knowledge has increased. The Data Minery (KDD) is a branch of Bioinformatics, big data analysis for the quest of data patterns, which helps to extract information from data that is important, non-trivial, implicit, previously unknown and potentially useful.

    Bioinformatics has made a number of accomplishments in the country through this Department’s Biotechnology Information Systems Network (BTISnet).

    Find the list of resources every Bioinformatics Student would need below:

    Bioinformatics Resources: List of Information Required By Students In India

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