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Texas bank offers a BTC savings plan to its employees


In Texas, if you work at a bank, you might be able to set up Bitcoin savings account for your employees. In the last few years, there have been a lot more digital platforms like nft-profit that people can use instead of traditional money. This is why more and more people are starting to use them instead of conventional money (BTC).

On April 4, it ran a story about Vantage Bank. It talked about the bank, too. In place of traditional savings plans, employees who want to save money can set up a savings plan in the bank’s main digital asset rather than setting up traditional savings plans instead.

Before we see the Bitcoin Savings Plan, we don’t know what it will look like

People who work for the Bitcoin Savings Plan can set aside part of their paychecks and have them turned into Bitcoins so that they can buy Bitcoin. New York DIG’s institutional-grade custody infrastructure comes in there, too. To keep digital assets that have changed, it’s used to record them. Some of the best in the business regarding safety and regulations are these places.

The bank doesn’t let its customers buy or sell bitcoin from the bank itself. That’s not true, though. It has come up with a new way to make sure that its employees’ retirement plans aren’t all the same.

Make money for the business.

There are many ways they are going to do this- They are going to train the employees, look into technology, and figure out how blockchain can help them serve the customers the best and meet their financial needs.

Is it reasonable to use cryptocurrencies, or is it not good?

So, on the other hand, Feingold has already talked about a bank that wants to buy bitcoins. It is one of the biggest banks in the world, and it says it will start selling its first cryptocurrency investment vehicles in the second quarter of 2022, which is next year. This is a very long time. To be honest, this is why people are starting to use Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies more and more, and this is why.

Many people who work in the financial industry don’t want to connect with cryptocurrencies, so it could be dangerous for them to do that. Since UniCredit Bank is getting paid $144 million, the company has to pay them.

People in the United States are becoming more interested in the crypto market.

As far back as 2021, people who had money at some of the most well-known banks in the US were able to buy bitcoins from them. Many people led the way at first. People who had more than $2 million worth of assets with Morgan Stanley could also get three Bitcoin funds from the bank. If you want to invest in crypto, there are a lot of places where you can do that. It’s not just these three companies that do this for their customers.

If you manage your own money and want to use Bitcoin, it said in February 2021 that it would be able to hold and move Bitcoin. This is the past. Wall Street big banks were the first.

That’s what the company told people in October. It was going to start keeping bitcoins for people then. NYDIG is also a sub-custodian for the bank so that they can save your money. People who work for big businesses and want to invest in cryptocurrency with their own money will be helped by this service.

In the next few years, Deutsche Bank will be able to keep and trade more people who make a lot of money with cryptocurrencies. That’s what they told people in the past. They said they had already made a prototype for this kind of service.

Why are Legal Translations Challenging?



A misconducted legal translation will result in everyone being held liable. The dispute rarely ends well, with clients and the translation agency paying heavy fines. Legal translations include court documents, business registrations, permits, licenses, petitions, and resolutions. Here are a few challenges the linguist might face regardless of sufficient experience

Changing laws

Legal translation to Romanian is constantly challenging because of newer laws and regulations. Since the industries are prone to climate change or employee safety laws, the updates continue to surface, which the translator must be aware of. As a result, the templates and contractual language must also be altered to represent the updated content.

Translators working in the legal field must continuously study the changes as sometimes laws change overnight. They must stay updated with the rules of the translated language and the source document, which might affect the text. Due to such complications, legal translators are usually lawyers and paralegals with previous associations with professional bodies.

The sub-structure of the legal language

The second challenge in legal translation is the language itself, most prominently the sentence structure and terminologies. Since there aren’t many close substitutes, the translator has limited flexibility to employ alternate terms. The rigidness prevents misinterpretation and misuse of legal translation to the Romanian language.

The linguist must first understand the content and interpret it to successfully translate a legal document. Unfortunately, the translated copy is constructed on a limited framework that does not celebrate enough room for creativity. It is one of the only forms of translation that restricts thoughtfulness as resources are diverted to translating the source content instead.

Tight deadlines

Most of the time, translators are faced with strict deadlines in legal translations. This is because a translation to Romanian from the legal sector is later presented in courts in front of judges to move forward with the proceedings. Furthermore, it is incredibly likely the translations will become part of the official record.

Unfortunately, if the translations are delayed, the client and the translator are accountable. The linguist can be held in contempt in court for disrupting processes. Therefore, any party associated with legal translations must work together to meet strict deadlines or otherwise prepare themselves for unpleasant events such as answering a judge.

Understanding the legal syntax

The challenging part of a legal translation is the syntax, other than the language. A legal translation of Romanian consists of strict terms heavily influenced by foreign dialects and languages. Furthermore, the source document and the translation usually use the passive tense with complex sentence structure and multiple phrases.

The translator must be versed in commas, apostrophes, em-dashes, and semicolons. In legal translations, the linguist is an author, a proofreader, and an editor in a single form. Moreover, the punctuation varies from dialect to dialect or region to region, which must also be adopted.

Variation in legal language

It must come as no surprise the legal system varies from country to country. Moreover, laws may be different within the country as we cross state or provincial boundaries. With so many variations, the linguist must identify the targeted reader before commencing the legal translation.

Regardless, the strategy does not make the legal translation any easier. The responsibility lands on the translator’s shoulders to identify the variances and the similarities to deliver a professional translation. Therefore, linguists are specifically trained to identify the correct vocabulary usage to prevent future misunderstandings.

Hire Kings of Translation for legal translations

If you have made it thus far, you will agree legal translations are not a walk in the park. The translations are filled with challenges that require skills, legal knowledge, and specialization to execute the project successfully. Contact Kings of Translation for legal translations acceptable by the Ministries of Justice, courts, and other official institutions.

Indian Council of Medical Research Recruitment for Project Scientist D Job vacancy, Apply Online


Indian Council of Medical Research has published a notification to fill the vacant post of Project Scientist D job vacancies. Learn to know detail about how to apply, eligibility, interview etc in the description box

Last Date to Apply: 28-Apr-2022

  • Employer: Indian Council of Medical Research
  • Address: Indian Council of Medical Research V. Ramalingaswami Bhavan, Post Box No.4911, Ansari Nagar, New Delhi-110029
  • Email: icmr.nedl2@gmail.com
  • URL:https://www.icmr.gov.in/
  • Job Location: New Delhi   

Project Scientist D

Number of posts: 01

Candidates should have Master’s degree in the relevant subjects and 8 years of experience OR PhD degree in the relevant subject and 8 years of experience from a recognized university

Salary: Rs.60960

Age Limit: max 45 years

How to Apply

Interested and eligible candidates are requested to apply online application through email along with supporting documents in the given email address on or before 28-04-2022

Job Nature: Purely on a contract basis

Contact Details :
Indian Council of Medical Research
V. Ramalingaswami Bhavan, Post Box No.4911,
Ansari Nagar, New Delhi-110029

Detailed recruitment notification can be had at:

About Employer

Indian Council of Medical Research is running under the government undertaking sector of India

Facts About Tether (USDT) Cryptocurrency


Tether is crypto-hosted on the Ethereum and Bitcoin blockchains. Its tokens are issued by a Hong Kong-based company called Tether Limited. Bitfinex owners control the company. Here we will tell you some essential facts about Tether. To understand what makes it unique, you should know who holds it and why it is worth the money. Also, it’s worth noting that Tether’s price will not fluctuate. If you are interested in bitcoin trading, visit https://bitqs.io/ to acquire an utter guide to crypto trading.

Tether has a decentralized model and does not function as a transparent or scarce asset like Bitcoin. The coin’s production isn’t limited by math, meaning that Tether Limited can mint as many coins as it wants. The lack of transparency is the main reason some people are sceptical of Tether. In addition to being a centralized cryptocurrency, Tether also has no central authority.

Cash equivalents back the 76 per cent of Tether. It means that governments issue money. However, the company also explains that it cannot open a bank account, which might explain some of the problems Tether has faced. So the company sues the New York Attorney General’s Office, a large bank. November 2017 stated that the company had lost tether’s currencies worth $31 million due to hacking. In January 2018 crypto faced another problem which is the mandatory audit.

Facts About Tether (USDT)

Among the many facts about Tether Cryptocurrency is its stability. While it is difficult to verify the currency’s reliability, it’s a good option for those who wish to send money from one crypto wallet to another. The price of Tether doesn’t fluctuate, and you won’t be charged a fee for it. Moreover, the company will not charge interest on the Tether you lend. However, using the Tether cryptocurrency for lending your cryptos can be risky because your investment could lose value if the price drops.

Cash equivalents back the currency. In other words, it is a stable currency backed by fiat currency. The most significant selling point of Tether is its stability. In the crypto world, Tether is a risk to be manipulated. Therefore, it is essential to know more about Tether to avoid the negative aspects of cryptocurrency. If you’re worried about this, you should read the reviews about Tether.

The currency’s founders created it for a good reason. The name is a symbol of trust. It was designed to make it secure and transparent. Its design is based on the Bitcoin protocol, initially developed by J.R. Willett. The Mastercoin Foundation later implemented this idea. Craig Sellars, Brock Pierce, and Omni Foundation are all original members of the organization.

Another selling point of Tether is that dollars back it. Its value is based on this reserve, a significant selling point. In addition, Tether is a decentralized currency, and thus, you can solve a significant problem in the decentralized crypto space by adding a centralized currency. The value of Tether is determined by the price of one dollar on all major exchanges.

Moreover, Tether is a regulated digital currency backed by the U.S. dollar. As a result, it is difficult to manipulate the market and may pose problems for investors and regulators.

The company behind Tether faces a lawsuit from the New York Attorney General’s office.

The company is accused of mismanagement and fraudulent activities, and it is also being sued by the New York Attorney General’s Office. Tether is currently backed by fiat currencies and is a good investment choice. But Tether’s decentralized nature isn’t the only concern. While it’s an excellent option for many crypto traders, it’s also not a good choice for everyone.

Final Words

Tether is a stable cryptocurrency. Its price is almost always a stable $1 and can be bought on the most popular crypto exchanges. Its price is not volatile, and it’s not mined. Tether’s value is tied to the U.S. dollar, making it an ideal investment for many. But while it’s not a perfect investment, it’s still a great way to start investing in cryptocurrencies.

Ledger Hardware Crypto Wallet: A Complete Review


Let’s be honest! The number of options available for you when discussing crypto wallets is enormous! You simply can’t decide one amongst them, haphazardly. Therefore, understanding the concept of a crypto wallet thoroughly and being aware of all the features that are a part of it is essential before selecting it. Check Cash Forex Trade to get a piece of detailed information about bitcoin trading.

Understanding The Concept Of Hardware Wallet

Cryptocurrency is intangible! It is available digitally, but you can’t touch or feel it like the regular currency. However, it still contains value. Hence, the need to keep it safe and secure is supreme. Like keeping your standard fiat currency in your wallet and carrying it around with you, you need a wallet to keep your crypto coins safe.

Crypto wallets come in two types: hot wallets and cold wallets. The hot wallet stays connected to the internet at all times. This is an online source of preserving wallets. Unfortunately, this one feature, which is its hallmark, becomes the most significant disadvantage it offers insecurity. Being connected to the internet makes hot wallets vulnerable, and the chances of a scammer stealing your coins are high!

Hence, this is when the cold crypto wallets come in handy. Though they are a bit pricier than the other ones, they offer a higher level of security. They are in the form of a gadget, a USB’s shape, and size. Within this tiny device, you can store cryptos worth millions! There are several cold wallets out there; each has impressive features. Here, we will review one of the most popular ones, the Ledger wallet.

Get To Know About the Ledger Wallet

One of the most trusted hardware crypto wallets is the Ledger wallet, which provides its users the ability to store the coins in it safely and send and receive them. A secure chip offers the maximum level of security to the private keys. The level of protection that the ledger wallet provides is extensive. It gives its services to everyone from the crypto banks to the individual traders and from hedge funds to huge enterprises. 

Ledger wallet comes in two variants: Ledger Nano X and Ledger Nano S.

Ledger Nano S

Ledger Nano S was the first one launched by the company and the pioneer of the ledger series. Using it, you can manage as many as 27 assets. The ledger app also lets you take care of ERC tokens easily. This app works perfectly fine on an android phone and the desktop. Hence, it’s entirely your choice which one you want to go for. This gadget can manage around 20 applications, which you can install on it. However, this depends on the size of each app.

Ledger Nano X

The second variant is Ledger Nano X, the advanced version of the previous one. With the help of DeFi functioning, you can exchange your cryptos and lend them while buying or selling. At a single point in time, you will be able to collect as many as 27 coins.

With the help of this gadget, you can either use a smartphone or a computer to manage your crypto coins. You will have to link the selected device with the ledger live application. This will be possible through Bluetooth. What’s even better? It is possible to install around 100 applications in this gadget, considering they have a small to medium size.

The price of this gadget

In terms of pricing, both variants showcase a considerable difference. For instance, to buy the Ledger Nano S, you will have to pay a cost of around $59, while Ledger Nano X comes with a price tag of $119

Final thoughts

Having a crypto wallet to manage the coins is quite essential. It always keeps your cryptos safe and secure. The ledger nano is a good choice as it is easy to use. With it, you can manage as many as 1500 digital assets without worrying about a scam. In addition, it has a long battery, and you can keep its Bluetooth connected for many hours.

Tracking Of Bitcoin Addresses New Service Of The Crypto World


The protection of the information regarding where we store our investments in cryptocurrencies is essential to have them in a place where they are safe but unmissable.

Once they do neglect and lose, they are practically unrecoverable. Without said information, it is impossible to access and control the same.

Regarding public bitcoin addresses

All information regarding Bitcoin addresses is private unless users decide to make it public and allow tracking.

The main advantage for which one trusts and believes in cryptocurrencies is their protection and security in user information and wallet accounts where these crypto assets are stored.

If the information is made public, it will violate this fundamental rule of the crypto world.

Each person can have as many Bitcoins addresses as they wish and use a different one for each type of operation they carry out. They contribute to the fact that their public addresses can be traced and find users’ data and referential information at no time.

Address tracking strategies

Strategies will do developed that allow tracking information regarding Bitcoin transactions to obtain public addresses.

Tracking IP addresses; allows knowing the place of the network where the operation did carry out.

Purchase tracking; This monitoring provides information on payment data made online, where it is possible to obtain a clue that leads to the public address of the cryptocurrency.

A search of public personal information; Some public data is of great help compared with that obtained from applying other strategies and getting closer to the required information.

Cryptocurrency exchange tracking, trading, and exchange of digital currencies allow analyzing the frequency with which the user performs said operations, which are the favourites to operate, and from there obtain specific data for the outlined objective, obtain some scoop of the primary address where the cryptocurrencies.

All these tools offer the possibility of recovering Bitcoin storage addresses, which was impossible before. Still, because many investments have will be lost due to the oversight of information, experts have focused on carrying out studies that can recover this much-needed data. You can start trading your cryptos at tradermate.software.


The Recovery of addresses through tools and strategies violates the security of cryptocurrencies in the protection and privacy of user data, accounts, and transactions. However, this is one of the advantages that have the most favoured cryptocurrencies.

It is very nice to have control, autonomy, and privacy in managing our finances without being accountable or following rules before any financial institution or authority.

We must bear in mind that when investing in cryptocurrencies, we are aware and sure of the benefits and risks that this entails, among which the safeguarding of the data where the investment is stored stands out.

Since if it is lost or forgotten, it is challenging to recover it again, causing the total loss of the cryptocurrencies there.

This address recovery service is a great opportunity offered by the crypto world. Unfortunately, many investors have reported significant losses throughout history due to forgetting their login information to virtual platforms and wallets.

Although it is not to everyone’s liking because it encourages fraud and information violations, it has managed to provide peace of mind to some users who have their assets in lost digital currencies and have hope in this new strategy for their possible Recovery.

If you are part of the group of people who have forgotten or lost their address information by mistake, start studying these possibilities that this new service offers for cryptocurrencies, which day by day seek to meet the needs of users and investors.

The crypto world will be the best to grow your finances. It is constantly looking for ways to please users and attract more every day, showing itself profitable, safe, and beneficial in economic progress.

Although many users do not want their identities to recognize due to fraud’s danger, these strategies do not seek to cause harm. On the contrary, they generate greater confidence in the users so that investing is more pleasant and reliable.

Technology took over finance; what is quite complicated is that society does not advance along with these digital strategies to improve personal and global economies.

The applications only seek to give more significant benefits to the users of cryptocurrencies. However, some of them require a cost; it is the security of operating without running the risk of being scammed that is at stake.

Macroeconomic Indicators And Their Effect On Bitcoin Price


The digital or cryptocurrency market has remarkably benefited as far as 2021 is concerned; this is due to the increase in inflation rates worldwide.

In addition, the traditional market environment and the set of macroeconomic indicators have contributed to investors seeking strategies to capitalize their funds, obtaining more significant benefits than leaving them in bank accounts with nominal interest rates.

It’s happened as a result of the fact that the global economy has been dragging pandemic damage since 2020.

Market researchers have highlighted many causes that explain the impact of these indicators on bitcoin and why they make it so volatile. To start trading with bitcoin, visit Bitcoin Motion official website.

Macroeconomic Indicators with the most significant global impact

They are considered statistical tools that allow measuring the international development of an economy, as well as calculating the effect they produce separately in each of the main sectors of the economy of a country; among some sectors of the traditional economy, we find the sector banking, production, commerce, labour, among others

These indicators evaluate in specific periods when governments and their institutions want to determine the effect of external factors on their country’s economy.

Most important macroeconomic indicators

It is important to note that macroeconomic indicators affect world economies and individual and business ones, which are included in the general economy.

Inflation and exchange rate: both interrelated; inflation is the rate of increase in the price of goods and services in an economy at a given time.

In turn, the exchange rate is the comparison between two or more currencies of said prices, managing to estimate the value of the products in various currencies, thus having a reference value worldwide.

Production: in its various variables but globally, it is considered the Gross Domestic Product in its acronym known as GDP; this indicator evaluates the internal output in its different areas.

Other important indicators are:

  • Import and export rates.
  • Public debt.
  • Generation of taxes and duties.
  • Trade balance.
  • The valuation of banking entities.

All these macroeconomic indicators together are essential tools to assess the status of a given economy in an estimated period. They are part of the basic statistics to analyze a country’s economy.

The expected effect on BITCOIN

The year 2021 was a glorious year for bitcoin between its ups and downs; many individuals and corporations decided to invest in this digital currency that is considered one of the most profitable and safest due to the instability of the traditional financial market.

Many economists and specialists in the financial area estimate that by 2022, the global economy may stabilize after the onslaught of COVID-19 and the accelerated changes in the traditional economy.

Although we have seen how inflation in the great world powers is doing its thing, they expect to lower their high levels and return to their ordinary course.

The interest rates that the United States is managing have affected the value of bitcoin since it has been decreasing significantly compared to its value at the end of 2021.

What has notably influenced the investment mentality of Bitcoin users where they take advantage of bearish trends to invest the extra money they may have because it does expect that when Bitcoin goes down, its takeoff is impressive.

Many economists bet that inflation as a financial indicator greatly benefits Bitcoin; even when creating this famous cryptocurrency, its primary function was to combat inflation rates, which remains to do seen.

Only the general adoption of a digital market under the standards proposed by cryptocurrencies would allow an available evaluation of the impact of these macroeconomic indicators on its value.


The high levels of inflation, the low-interest rates on savings, and the increase in the prices of goods and services worldwide are generating great commotion because more and more people are getting involved in the digital financial market.

Even with the volatility that characterizes bitcoin, people, companies, and even governments are betting on a digital economy backed by these innovative financial instruments known as cryptocurrencies.

The future of macroeconomic indicators will be in the not too distant future in the hands of the digital market; everything points to significant financial changes, cryptocurrencies increasingly point to being the most profitable and preferred investment methods by users.

Mohit Sharma: Bioinformatician


Mohit aims to gain comprehensive technical and research experience for the ongoing trends in the field of Computational Biology and Structural Biology and wants to contribute towards technological developments in Medical and Healthcare.


  • PhD (December 2017 – Dec. 2021): Overseas PhD Research Scholar (International Joint PhD Program School of Molecular Medicine, Medical University of Warsaw and Malopolska Centre of Biotechnology) at Malopolska Centre of Biotechnology, Gronostajowa 7A, Krakow 30-387, Poland
  • M.S. in Bioinformatics: Padmashree Dr. D.Y. Patil University, Nerul, Navi-Mumbai, Maharashtra


  • Recipient of International PhD fellowship, Postgraduate School of Molecular Medicine, Medical University of Warsaw and Malopolska Centre of Biotechnology, Krakow, Poland
  • Recipient of visiting student fellowship at Institute for Advanced Biosciences, (sponsored by IAB) Keio University, Tsuruoka City, Yamagata, Japan
  • Recipient of Overseas trainee fellowship from A*STAR, Singapore

Work Experience:

University of Jammu:

Worked as Research Associate in Bioinformatics Centre, School of Biotechnology, the University of Jammu

A*STAR, SINGAPORE: Worked on “Developing specialized ontologies for transcriptional regulation and will implement these in the text mining systems” for 6 months

Organization:   Institute for Infocomm Research (A* STAR Singapore)

Bioinformatics and Biological Technical Proficiency:

  • Software: Rasmol, Cn3d, PyMol, Chimera, ChemSketch, Autodock, HEX, MOE and SwissPdb
  • Biological Tools: SequenceAlignment tools in NCBI like Blast, Fasta and ClustalW, PHYLIP
  • Biological Databases: EMBL, DDBJ, RCSB, PIR, SWISS-PROT, PFAM
  • Clinical Research: Basic knowledge of the federal regulations governing the protection of human subjects e.g. FDA, GCP/ICH guidelines
  • Lab-Techniques: Protein expression (bacterial expression system), Protein purification (Chromatographic techniques including operations of FPLCs), Biochemical and Biophysical characterization of proteins, DLS, Negative Staining TEM, Western Blotting
  • Genomics: Basic Knowledge of Sequencing Data, Quality Control and data Filtering, Reference based RNASeq and Genome Analysis, SNP Analysis, Evolutionary Analysis, Protein Modelling (abinitio & Homology based)

Technical Proficiency (Computer Skills):

  • Operating Systems: Linux/Ubuntu, Windows
  • Languages: Python (Intermediate), R (Beginner)
  • Other tools: MS Word, Excel
  • CCNA Certification: DOEACC Centre Jammu, Govt. of India

Professional Skills:

  • Good presentation, communication and inter-personal skills including negotiation skills
  • Strong general computer skills, experience with databases and scientific applications, and ability to quickly learn and master various computer programs
  • Excellent organizational skills and demonstrated ability to complete detailed work accurately and record thoroughly
  • Outstanding communication and presentation skills, Experience working within organizational matrix framework
  • Solid written and verbal communication skills, as well as demonstrated professionalism in working with colleagues
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to work with diverse group of staff
  • Good organization and problem solving skills  

Publications Published/Accepted

  • Majsterkiewicz, Karolina; Biela, Artur; Maity, Sourav; Sharma, Mohit; Piette, Bernard; Kowalczyk, Agnieszka; Chakraborti, Soumyananda; Roos, Wouter; Heddle, Jonathan. A regular 3D lattice of gold nanoparticles scaffolded by an artificial protein cage with unusual geometry. Nano Letters. (Submitted- nl-2021-042225).
  • Dipika Jaspal, Arti Malviya, Amit Kumar Tiwari, Mohit Sharma* & Smita Jadhav (2021): Microbial consortia for industrial waste bioremedition: an insight to related patents, international Journal     of environmental Analytical Chemistry https://doi.org/10.1080/03067319.2021.1986703
  • A Pandey, M Sharma* 2021. Reappraisal of trifluperidol against Nsp3 as a potential therapeutic for novel COVID-19: a molecular docking and dynamics study. Future Virology, https://doi.org/10.2217/fvl-2020-0361
  • Veerala Priyanka, Neha Goel, Inderpreet Dhaliwal, Mohit Sharma*, Rahul Kumar, Prashant Kaushik. Epigenetics: A Key to Comprehending Biotic and Abiotic Stress Tolerance in Family Poaceae (Preprints ID: preprints-45537)
  • Mohit Kumar Sharma*, Manoj K. Dhar, Sanjana Koul 2012. Bioinformatics: An introduction and Overview. International Journal of Engineering and Research e-ISSN: 2278-067X, p-ISSN:2278-800X, www.ijerd.com Volume 3, Issue 8 (September 2012), PP. 88-99
  • Mohit Kumar Sharma*, Manoj K Dhar, Vladimir B Bajic 2008. Using Bioinformatics Tools to create a database for transcription Factors. Abstract Book of 3rd J&K State Science Congress 26-28 February, 2008

Manuscripts Submitted/Under Review/Revision

  • Sharma, Mohit; Biela, Artur; Kowalczyk, Agnieszka; Borzęcka-Solarz, Kinga; Piette, Bernard; Bishop, Joshua; Kukura, Philipp; Benesch, Justin; Imamura, Motonori; Scheuring, Simon; Heddle, Jonathan.  “Shape-morphing of an artificial protein cage with unusual geometry induced by a single amino acid change”. ACS Nanoscience Au. (Submitted-ng-2021-000489).

Book Chapters:

  • Gifty Sawhney, Mohit Sharma*. Molecular Structure of Coronavirus and Transmission; 5-16, Basics of Medical Microbiology and Virology, ISBN: 978-93-90847-58-7, Kripa-Drishti Publications, Pune-Maharashtra, India, August, 2021
  • Sharma, M*.; Abiha, U.; Chugh, P.; Chandrasekaran, B.; Agrawal, N., Bioinformatics in Cancer Detection. Computation in Bioinformatics: Multidisciplinary Applications, S. Balamurugan, Anand Krishnan, Dinesh Goyal, Balakumar Chandrasekaran and Boomi Pandi (eds.) (227–242) © 2021 Scrivener Publishing LLC. (Accepted in proof) Book ISBN: 978-1-119-65471-1
  • Kumar, S.; Shandilya, S.; Kapila, S.; Sharma, M*.; Agrawal, N., DNA Microarray Analysis: From Affymetrix CEL Files to Comparative Gene Expression. Computation in Bioinformatics: Multidisciplinary Applications, S. Balamurugan, Anand Krishnan, Dinesh Goyal, Balakumar

Chandrasekaran and Boomi Pandi (eds.) (137–152) © 2021 Scrivener Publishing LLC (Accepted in proof) Book ISBN: 978-1-119-65471-1

  • Yadav, R.; Sharma, M*.; Agrawal, N., Machine Learning in Bioinformatics. Computation in Bioinformatics: Multidisciplinary Applications, S. Balamurugan, Anand Krishnan, Dinesh Goyal,

Balakumar Chandrasekaran and Boomi Pandi (eds.) (153–162) © 2021 Scrivener Publishing LLC

(Accepted in proof) Book ISBN: 978-1-119-65471-1

  • Sawhney, G.; Sharma, M*.; Agrawal, N., DNA-RNA Barcoding and Gene Sequencing. Computation in Bioinformatics: Multidisciplinary Applications, S. Balamurugan, Anand Krishnan, Dinesh Goyal, Balakumar Chandrasekaran and Boomi Pandi (eds.) (163–226) © 2021 Scrivener Publishing LLC (Accepted in proof) Book ISBN: 978-1-119-65471-1
  • Bhardwaj, R; Sharma, M*.; Agrawal, N., Bioinformatics and Its Application Areas: Multidisciplinary Applications, S. Balamurugan, Anand Krishnan, Dinesh Goyal, Balakumar Chandrasekaran and Boomi Pandi (eds.) (121–137) © 2021 Scrivener Publishing LLC. (Accepted in proof) Book ISBN:978-1-119-65471-1.
  • Gauri, Mohit Sharma, Neha Goel. Chapter: Analysis and Interpretation of Metagenomic Analysis. Springer Book: “Genomics Data Analysis for Crop Improvement”. (Submitted-under review).
  • Gifty Sawhney, Mohit Sharma, Neha Goel. Expression profile of coding and non-coding RNA Springer Book: “Genomics Data Analysis for Crop Improvement”. (Submitted- under review)

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JRF Recruitment: Funded Project Wellcome Trust/DBT India Alliance


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JRF Recruitment: Funded Project Wellcome Trust/DBT India Alliance, ILS Project JRF Post For MSc Biotech, Biochem, Life Sciences. MSc life sciences, biotechnology, biochemistry candidates apply for research Jobs. Interested and eligible applicants can check out all of the details below.

Advt. No. 15/2022

Institute of Life Sciences (ILS), Bhubaneswar, an autonomous institute of the Department of Biotechnology, Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India, invites applications from Indian Nationals to join the following project position.

Name of the Post – Junior Research Fellow

No. of Posts – 01

Name of the Project – “Analysis of the impact of mRNA-mRNA/circRNA interactions in pancreatic β-cell physiology” (Funded by Wellcome Trust/DBT India Alliance)

Name of the PI – Dr. Amaresh Panda

Age Limit – The candidate should be below 28 years in age, as of 31.03.2022. Age relaxation will be given to the candidates as per Govt. of India rules.

How to Apply –

The interested/eligible candidates may download the application form from our website www.ils.res.in and apply along with self-attested copies of mark sheets, certificates, and experience details to “The Director, Institute of Life Sciences, Nalco Square, Bhubaneswar-751023”.

The decision of the Director regarding the selection of candidates will be final, and no further correspondence will be entertained in this regard. The appointment will be for ONE year.

No TA/DA will be paid for attending the interview. The decision of the Director regarding the selection of candidates will be final, and no further correspondence will be entertained in this regard.

  1. Last date for receiving an application – is 31.03.2022
  2. Date of display of shortlisted candidates on ILS website – 05.04.2022
  3. Date & Time of the interview – will be notified on the website

Note: All communication will be made through e-mail. No separate call letter will be issued to the candidates.

Eligibility – Candidates having M.Sc. or equivalent qualification in Biotechnology/ Biochemistry /Bioinformatics or allied Life Science subjects with a minimum of 60% marks or an equivalent grade point (relaxation will be as per guideline) are eligible to apply. Candidates should have qualified national-level exams such as NET/GATE/GPAT/BET. Candidates with knowledge and experience in bioinformatics analysis, cell culture, or molecular biology techniques will be preferred.

Fellowship – Rs. 31,000/- plus HRA

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Internships for International Medical Students Are Once Again In The Spotlight


Those who completed their MBBS at colleges in China, Ukraine, Russia, and others during Covid-19 by taking online classes are precarious. The Telangana State Medical Council checks students’ passports to see if they will work as house surgeons in India or overseas.

Some medical graduates who were in India during the pandemic attended the online classes, according to TSMC registrar Dr Ch Hanumantha Rao. His explanation for why they approached him for registration with the Medical Council was as follows: “They didn’t do any house surgeon or internship but obtained the certificate.” For a while, we stopped accepting new applicants, but the National Medical Commission has instructed us to resume accepting applications from Covid-19 batch members who have completed the Foreign Medical Graduates Exam.” he added.

We received guidance from the NMC, which instructed us to check the passport stampings. We are registering the names of candidates in the country where they are pursuing their degree during the house surgeon time. If we don’t, then we deny it.” An internship opportunity has been offered to students in India who are enrolled in online classes.”

According to M Harsha, a Chinese-trained physician’s assistant, “I took online training for the last two years. In China, I did not obtain any certification as a house surgeon. As a result, I’ll be doing my internship with this company.

According to Dr. Hanumantha Rao, “The future fate of students returning from Ukraine would be decided only once things settle down in Ukraine which may take several months.” In February 2016, the AP Medical Council was split in two.

Around a million MBBS doctors were in practice at the outset. Many doctors have left the workforce due to retirement, old age, or death. According to Dr Hanumantha Rao, “Some of them took NOC and got transferred to other medical councils.” “