The Top International SEO Strategies


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Business is more global than ever before, with 5 billion people now being connected by the internet. If your company has customers in different countries, it could be time to develop an international SEO strategy to grow your revenues.

However, if you have only focused on creating a website and SEO plan that are aimed at consumers in your own geographical area, it may seem daunting to try and market to an international market. 

While the methods of international SEO advertising can seem complex, you can simplify the process by focusing on several core aspects.

Read on to learn more about international SEO.

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Use Country-Specific URLs

Using country-specific URLs tells search engines which locations your content is for. They are then more likely to send traffic from those countries to your pages. 

One way to do this is to use country code top-level domains (ccTLDs) or you could use sub-directories. However, each method comes with different advantages and costs. Therefore, it’s important to do your research before selecting which option best suits your needs. 

Perform International Keyword Research

Keywords are an essential element of international SEO strategies. You can use both free and paid online keyword tools to find out which words people in different countries are searching for. This means you will be able to add these words to your on-page SEO elements such as sales pages and blog posts. 

Make sure you search for phrases using the relevant languages and create a list of keywords to help you reach your new audience. 

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Use Language Targeting

You should use the hreflang attribute to tell search engines what language your content is in. But, it’s vital to avoid making translation mistakes or this could damage your international SEO efforts. 

For example, if you have text that doesn’t make sense on your pages, consumers will not take the time to read your content. You may then notice the organic traffic numbers for your site drop sharply.

Rather than using inadequate online programs, you may want to hire a professional translator.

Get High-Quality SEO Links

Having internal links for SEO is important, but you also need to use high-quality international SEO links. These can have a hugely positive effect on your global SEO.

The key is to only send consumers to links that are relevant to your content. This means you will be providing your website visitors with value, which can increase your SEO.

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Use International SEO to Grow Your Business Globally

When you have an international SEO strategy, you can more effectively reach a global audience. To get started you can use the correct URLs, add relevant keywords to your content, and translate your text into different languages. It’s also vital to ensure you use links to relevant sites to help your pages rank higher in the search engine results. 

You could soon find you’re shipping your products to various destinations all around the world! Before you create your international SEO plan, be sure to read more of our great blog articles from CouponZania.

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