Brazil’s biggest payment app enables 65 million users to buy BTC


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An article earlier this month mentioned briefly that digital wallets would become one of the most common ways to pay in Brazil by 2020. In addition, a recent study by Bain & Company says that digital wallets will be used for 28% of all payments at points of sale by the year 2022.

Brazil is the only place in Latin America where all three mobile payment systems (Samsung Pay, Google Pay, and Apple Pay) work. In Brazil, where mobile payments are becoming more popular, the main thing that attracts customers is how easy it is to use a mobile device on the go (47 percent). In addition, Fifty-three percent of users say that the biggest is making transactions, gettings, and confirmations quickly. So Join Now, and start your trading journey.

“Digital wallets” might be interesting to you.

Apps called “digital wallets” or “eWallets” let people pay for things in stores and online with their phones. Users can add money to their accounts and register their credit and debit cards to use with their accounts.

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You can also finish the payment process by scanning a QR Code. Customers won’t always have to bring their wallets because they can pay online. This takes care of a possible problem.

People in Brazil can pay with a boleto bancário to add money to their digital wallets. This makes it easier for more people in the country to access financial services. In addition, people who use eWallets can get the most out of them even if they don’t have a checking or savings account.

45 million people don’t have a bank account and more than 90 million use smartphones. More people will be able to pay digitally, which is becoming more popular if they have digital wallets.

When people in Brazil buy things online, they use digital wallets.

Bain & Company thinks that by 2022, 47 percent of all online purchases, up from 36 percent in 2018, will be made with a digital wallet.

More than 65 million app users can buy and sell bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Anderson Chamon, the vice president of technology and products at PicPay, says that the Company’s first new cryptocurrency product will be an exchange. People who want to buy or sell cryptocurrencies go to an exchange.

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“Anyone who wants to invest in cryptocurrencies will be able to do so on our cryptocurrency exchange.” If a user wants to find out where to buy cryptocurrencies, they can do everything through the app and have a simple, useful, and risk-free time doing so.

PicPay is trying to make it normal for people to pay with cryptocurrency. It is making a place where people can buy, sell, and store bitcoin.

People who use PicPay’s mobile app will have access to several tools to help them learn more about the business. In addition, because it is the most popular payment app in Brazil, this project could help millions of people start using bitcoin. Still, PicPay is aware that the business could have problems in the future.

People still don’t know if they can get their bitcoins back.

In April, PicPay said that 65 million people were using its app to send and receive money. This was a big step forward. The PicPay app works in a way that is similar to how PayPal and Cash App do. It lets people use a financial market and social media features like private messaging. In 2020, 38.8 million people will use the app. By the end of 2021, 50 million people will be using it. 

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